About Our Ministry

Womb Prep is a ministry that was designed specifically for the woman believing God for a baby. We aim to educate, empower and engage with women from all walks of life and help them prepare spiritually, mentally and physically for the children God has promised them.

At Womb Prep, we understand that the Journey to Motherhood is both difficult and emotional. This is why we pride ourselves on being a safe haven for women to vent and cry and to also receive prayer and encouragement. Our belief is that although this journey is extremely painful, no woman should have to go through it alone.


We believe no woman should have to navigate the Journey to Motherhood alone and we are committed to being our sister's keepers through it all.

Our Mission

At Womb Prep, our mission is to let women dealing with the effects of infertility know that they are loved, whole and worthy of Motherhood. It is our desire to spread the love and hope of Christ to all we encounter.

Image by Rosie Fraser

Our Vision

The vision of Womb Prep is to support and encourage women from all walks of life on their Journeys to Motherhood. This is done through a number of different ways, including but not limited to: social media content, prayer calls, live events and the studying of God's Word. 

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