Geri Alicea is the Founder of Womb Prep, a Faith based ministry created to help women that are on a Journey to Motherhood. She is also the Author of the 21-day devotional “Overcoming Infertility: Faith While You Wait” and Creator of the “In The Waiting” journal for women dealing with infertility. As a blogger and mentor her “real talk” and no nonsense approach to sharing her opinion on relationships and infertility is heartfelt, relevant and oftentimes amusing.

Geri has been on a Journey to Motherhood for more than 6 years so it's safe to say she understands first hand what it’s like to pray and hope for something that seems impossible. She also understands what it means to feel completely alone while trying to conceive. In the beginning of her journey, Geri suffered in silence about her fertility struggles. After years of being silent she decided that she was done not talking about infertility. Now, her personal mission is to make infertility loud and let other women know they are not alone.

Geri has made a commitment to "normalize" the conversation surrounding infertility so women struggling can talk about it instead of hiding from it. Infertility is hard and emotional but it needs to be talked about... openly.. and without shame. She believes that normalizing the conversation of infertility not only helps those dealing with it but it also helps those that aren't. The truth of the matter is that infertility is such a taboo subject that a lot of individuals not dealing with it don't know how to appropriately respond to it. But Geri is determined to do her part to remedy that. For booking inquiries, please email