Thank You For Your Donation

At Womb Prep, we understand that the journey to motherhood is both difficult and emotional. This is why we pride ourselves on being a safe haven for women to vent and cry and to also receive prayer and encouragement. Aside from the physical and emotional burden many women face when dealing with fertility issues, many also face a huge financial burden when approaching healing through medical intervention. On average, nationally, an IVF cycle costs nearly $12,000 before adding in the costs of medications, which can typically run another $3,000 or more. As you can imagine, the added stress of trying to afford medical attention for fertility issues can be devastating.

As Womb Prep continues to provide resources to women on the journey to motherhood, we are asking for your help with our mission! Feel free to partner with us by making a donation to our cause! No amount is too big or small. All donations will be used to help us educate, empower, and engage women and families who are believing God for their miracle babies.