Womb Prep was founded by Geri Alicea in January 2016. Being on a Journey to Motherhood herself, Geri knew firsthand what it was like to feel completely alone while going through one of the worst situations in her life. Around this time, Geri experienced a season of depression and one day she decided to study women in the bible who had trouble conceiving just like her. And because she didn't want to study these women alone, she created a Facebook Group so others could join her in her study.  It was in this study that the ministry Womb Prep as well as her book "Overcoming Infertility: Faith While You Wait" were birthed.


Since doing that study in 2016, Geri has made it her personal mission to make infertility LOUD and let other women know that they are not alone on their journey. Geri has made a commitment to "normalize" the conversation surrounding infertility so women struggling can talk about it instead of hiding from it. Infertility is hard and emotional but it needs to be talked about... openly.. and without shame. She believes that normalizing the conversation of infertility not only helps those dealing with it but it also helps those that aren't. The truth of the matter is that infertility is such a taboo subject that a lot of individuals not dealing with it don't know how to appropriately respond to it. But Geri is determined to do her part to remedy that. For booking inquiries, please email  


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