All I Want For Christmas Is TWO Pink Lines…

This is the main thought that I’ve had everytime I thought about what I wanted for Christmas. Can I be honest with you all? These last few weeks leading up to Christmas have been one BIG emotional roller coaster filled with all kinds of twists, turns, loops and dips. I’m pretty sure that I have felt every emotion imaginable. I’ve gone from happy to sad to laughing to crying, to frustration to joy – all within a 3 week period. And all because I know 2 pink lines won’t be my Christmas present.

And I imagine I’m not the only one. Has this holiday season been hard for you? Have you been on an emotional roller coaster because the ONE THING you want for Christmas, is something you know you won’t get? If you answered YES, I want to encourage you today.

One thing God taught me during this emotional holiday season is that IT’S OK!

It’s ok to cry

It’s ok to feel sad

It’s ok to be over it for a day a two

It’s even ok for you to cancel plans of spending time with friends or family.

As long as you don’t stay in that sad and depressed state, it truly is ok.

Another thing that God taught me in my emotional state was to be thankful for what He’s already given me and to praise Him now for what’s to come at a later date. So although I won’t see two pink lines on THIS Christmas, I’ve made a decision to be happy anyway. And I encourage you all to do the same.

Let’s not get so caught up in our desire for children, that every other blessing God has given us fades to the background. When we allow that to happen, we run the risk of wasting a chance to be thankful. And that, my loves, is something we should never waste.

God has been to good for us to focus on what we don’t have. So even though our babies aren’t here yet and we won’t be surprised with 2 pink lines on Christmas; let’s think about those things we can rejoice about. And while we’re at it let’s start praising God NOW for our precious babies.

Because friends, let me tell you, the babies… OUR BABIES… are coming. We may not know when or even how, but rest assured…. It’s happening. God promised us that we will birth these precious children and I know He will deliver on that promise in His perfect timing! But until He does, let’s prepare while we wait and live our lives pleasing Him.

Merry Christmas, ladies!

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