Change Your Perspective…

One of the greatest (and hardest) lessons I’ve learned while on this journey to fertility, is changing my perspective. As a woman trying to get pregnant I never considered that I could have a different perspective. After all, I was unable to to conceive a child and it sucked…. So in my mind I thought that was the only perspective to have. I thought that how I saw my situation was the only way to see it. But I was so very wrong. There is ALWAYS another perspective…. GOD’S PERSPECTIVE!

Ladies, I know this journey is hard and may seem impossible sometimes. But, for just a moment, look at it from God’s perspective. Take a moment to see what God sees. Some of us are so focused on how this journey makes us feel that we fail to see God’s point of view on the matter. This journey will be easier (even just a little bit) if we stop, and look at things from God’s point of view.

For example: maybe you want a baby but you are emotionally unstable. God may be delaying your pregnancy so that you can get your emotions in check. That way you don’t end up with postpartum depression and your baby doesn’t grow up in an emotionally abusive home. Or maybe God is delaying your pregnancy so you can become financially stable instead of struggling with a new born.

There are many reasons why God may be allowing you to go through this journey. Whatever the case is, ask God to give you HIS perspective and a better understanding. Having God’s perspective helps tremendously, I promise. It was when I started to see things from God’s view that I stopped focusing so much on when. I  know that I’m going to have a baby in God’s timing, so I’m no longer worried. Now, I’m just focused on fulfilling God’s will for my life!

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