Choose Joy

As a woman struggling to conceive, I know firsthand how hard it can be to have  joy. This journey to Motherhood is filled with many varying emotions such as sadness, depression, confusion, numbness, etc…. but joy is not usually one of them. It is actually one of those emotions that is very elusive and many times nonexistent for women on this journey. But thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way. Just because we are on this journey to Motherhood does not mean we have to be without our joy! Philippians 4:4 instructs us to rejoice ALWAYS. Now, for most women on this journey, doing that may seem difficult and sometimes even impossible. But it’s not. Being able to always have joy is actually very possible. Here are 2 Key points I want you to think about today…

#1 True joy is only found in God…. A lot of us have been lacking in the joy department because we have been relying on the wrong things to give it to us. Contrary to what society says; your husband, kids, job, money, etc can NOT bring joy! Only GOD can… This is why the Word says “rejoice in the LORD always”… Material things fade and people disappoint you. So if you rely on those things for your joy then it will always fluctuate . But God is a consistent and eternal God and HIS joy is everlasting! This means that no matter how bad the situation is you are still able to have joy!

#2 Joy is a choice…. Although joy is found in God, you still have to choose it. Just like you chose to be saved and to love others, you also have to choose joy. God will not force you to have His joy, it has to be your choice. No matter what the doctors say, you have to choose joy. No matter what others do to you, you have to choose joy. No matter what your circumstances look like, you have to choose joy. No matter how you feel at the moment, you have to choose joy! Everyday that you wake up you have the chance to choose joy. The choice is yours, beloved!

Today, instead of succumbing to all the negative emotions that come along with this journey, choose joy! Don’t think about what you don’t have and everything that seems to be going wrong. Instead, think about God’s love and His goodness. Think about how He’s never lied to you. Think about how He is the master promise keeper. Read your Word and sing praises to the King. It’s impossible to praise God and be miserable at the same time. So today, choose joy in the form of prayer, praise, Word and worship!

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