Fruit of the Spirit

Hey girl, hey! Can I be honest for just a moment?

I can? OK, cool!

So, as a Christian woman trying to conceive, sometimes I find it hard to exhibit the fruits of the Spirit. Between feeling like God isn't listening, to feeling like my body is betraying me, to having "well meaning" people saying the wrong things - sometimes I fall short in the fruit of the Spirit department LOL.

Can you relate?

You can? OK, great!

So, here's the thing. God has really been dealing with me about walking in His Spirit regardless of life's challenges. Because the truth of the matter is that as a follower of Christ, I should reflect Him at all times. But since I know I fall short, I think this is a great time to study and learn more about these fruits!

I'd love for you to join me on this journey of seeing what God says about this for those of us on a Journey to Motherhood.

Feeling like you KNOW you're going to fail at this? That's just the enemy trying to discourage you. Don't listen to that voice.

Instead, let's prove him wrong and walk this journey out together!

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