Let’s Make Infertility LOUD!

National Infertility Awareness Week

Day 3: Let’s Make Infertility LOUD!

There are so many couples on a journey to fertility (1 in 8 to be exact), and yet infertility is one of the least talked about topics. Nobody wants to touch this subject. Not the church, not the community, not even our families. Everybody wants to be hush hush about this. Although, I can understand that this topic is very uncomfortable, it absolutely needs to be talked about. There are so many couples suffering in silence because nobody wants to talk about infertility. But today, I want to change that!

Today, I want to make infertility LOUD!… But I need your help! Here’s what you can do:

1. Talk about it at church! Contrary to popular belief, infertility isn’t just a physical issue. It’s spiritual too! And one of the best ways to help people overcome this issue is to fight it in the spirit! Pray with and for the women in your church that are on this journey. Create a list of support groups for Christians dealing with this. Better yet, create a ministry that caters to people on this journey!

2. Bring awareness in the community! Go to your city and state leaders and talk about this. Participate in the walks/runs that your city has in place to bring awareness. If your city/state doesn’t have a walk/run for this then research how that can have one in the future. Educate yourself on this topic!

3. Talk about it with your family and friends. 1 in 8….. that’s how many couples are on this journey. Which means you know AT LEAST one person dealing with this! Those people need you! They need your support. They need your encouragement. They need your shoulder to cry on. What they DON’T need is for you to allow them to suffer in silence. So even though this topic is uncomfortable still allow them to vent to you.

People that are on a journey to fertility need you to talk about it. We need you to help us to bring awareness and MAKE IT LOUD! No more suffering in silence. There’s no healing in that! #NIAW #1in8 #StartAsking #StartTalking  #MakeInfertilityLoud #WombPrep #TheBabiesAREComing

#MakeItLoud #babies #women #fertility #NIAW

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