PLEASE, Just Listen…

National Infertility Awareness Week

Day 2: PLEASE, Just Listen…

The journey to fertility is one of THE HARDEST things to go through. It is filled with varying emotions which include grief, sadness, doubt and depression. On a good day, the average person on this journey does not want to talk about it… AT ALL… Most people are silent about their journey to fertility and the struggles they go through. So, if by chance, someone comes to you and wants to talk about this issue, PLEASE JUST LISTEN!

As a friend or family member of someone on this journey, we know that you may feel obligated to give advice and “fix” things, but please don’t. Most of the time when your loved one comes to you, it’s just to vent. They don’t want you to tell them to “just relax”. They don’t want you to tell them which sex position works best for pregnancy. Not to be mean or anything, but they don’t want your unsolicited advice. Chances are, they have researched multiple times, on how to get pregnant and their doctor has given them a host of information. What they need from you, as their friend or family member is a listening ear.

This journey to fertility can be extremely lonely. Often times people feel isolated and like no one understands or gets it. The best way to be there for your loved one is to pray for them, truly listen and only give advice when they ask for it. In addition to that spend quality time with them. Take them to a movie. Take them out to eat. Do things with them that will take their minds off of their journey, even if it’s just for a little while!

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