PLEASE Stop Asking Us When….

National Infertility Awareness Week

Day 1: PLEASE Stop Asking Us When…..

There are 1 in 8 women that are on a journey to fertility. This means that there’s a very great chance that you are close to someone that deals with this issue. This also means that you should be extremely careful when you ask your friend or family member “why haven’t you had a baby yet?”

This question is nerve wrecking for ANY woman who has not become pregnant within society’s time frame. But for a woman on a journey to fertility, this question often times opens up old emotional wounds that have just started to heal. We know you’re curious. We know you want to see our baby bumps. We know you want to hold and cuddle our future children…. But guess what, we do too!.. And asking this question often times reminds us that our bodies are not able to give us what we want at the moment. This question makes us feel inadequate and out of control.

So on behalf of ALL women around the world that are on this journey, the answer to your question is “when God says so”. Until then, please stop asking us when because we simply do not know. We know that you do not mean any harm but it still hurts nonetheless… Most people do not think of it this way but now that you know better, please do better! #WombPrep #PleaseBeAdvised #NIAW #TheBabiesAREComing

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