Sometimes You Have to Encourage Yourself


There will be times on your journey to Motherhood where you will feel TOTALLY ALONE. You will feel like God isn’t hearing you, your doctor is only discouraging you, your friends and family don’t understand you, and the pain/sorrow is about to overtake you. When you get to this point you have a choice… You can let your negative feelings and emotions ruin your day (and possibly your week, month and even year)…. OR…. you can choose to encourage yourself in the Lord and get your joy back.

In 1 Samuel 30:6 the bible tells us that David was greatly distressed and had to encourage himself in the Lord. See, the truth is, there will not always be people around to encourage you. Sometimes you’re going to have to do it for yourself… This means that even though you feel as though God isn’t listening; prayer, praise, worship and the word of God will have to be your encouragement. So today, don’t allow those negative emotions to run rampant just because another human being isn’t encouraging you. Instead, put on some praise and worship music; read encouraging bible verses; cry out to God and receive encouragement firsthand from Abba. This is the type of intimacy God wants from us. It’s in these moments when we’re relying solely on Him that He will reveal things about our situation and gives us the strength we need to keep going!

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