Sweet Reminders From the Father


One of my all time favorite worship songs is “Good, Good Father” by Chris Tomlin. Every time I listen to this song it serves as a reminder of how loving and caring our God is. While being on this Journey to Motherhood, I’ve wanted to give up and throw in the towel more times than I can count. There have been many days and nights where the only prayers I could offer were my tears because I felt like I had no more words to give. There were so many unanswered questions and it was all just so overwhelming…. And God, being the Good Father that He is, understood this. He didn’t condemn me; make me feel ashamed or turn His back on me. He empathized with how I was feeling in the moment and comforted me like only He can.

I believe one of the most amazing ways God comforts me on this journey is by sending Sweet Reminders. Sometimes they come in the form of a dream. Sometimes they come through a song or sermon. And sometimes the encouragement comes from another person. But then there are times when God just feels like showing out and he uses inanimate objects to remind me of the promises He has made. I especially love these encounters because they’re always random (or so I think) and always at a time when I feel like I just can’t do this anymore. To say that God has perfect timing is an understatement. It’s like one minute I’m stuck in my own head and emotions and then the next something happens where I’m instantly reminded that God ALWAYS keeps his promise! The last time this happened was about a month or 2 ago while I was at work.

I used to be a call center rep and one day when I got to work my whole team had been moved to a different section. At first I thought everybody on my team had been let go because the section where we were the previous day was completely empty (it was rather scary lol); but then one of the managers came over and showed me where I needed to be. I was in a new section, at a new cubicle and with new neighbors… And I was rather annoyed… I liked where I was sitting and who I was sitting with the day before. But as I sat down and surveyed my new home away from home, I noticed 4 little blue blocks that spelled out the word BABY, and all of my annoyance melted away. At this time, no one I worked with knew my struggle with trying to conceive or the tearful, sleepless night I’ve endured because I wasn’t pregnant… Yet again.

Now, the average person would look at the presence of these blocks as a mere coincidence. They would have just written it off saying the last person that say there must’ve just forgotten to take them when they left. And although that probably is true, I still couldn’t look at this as a coincidence. My heart, my hope, and my faith wouldn’t let me. Even though the blocks were left there, and probably not even thought of afterwards; God had a plan for them. He knew that I would be moved to that exact seat on that particular day. He also knew that I needed to be reminded of what He promised me years ago. If I can be honest here; when this whole situation unfolded, I was in a low place wondering if God was ever going to make good on His promise. On the outside I seemed fine. I got up, I dressed up and I showed up. But on the inside I was beyond a mess. I was doubtful, fearful and found myself becoming more jaded with everyday that passed. So this Sweet Reminder was everything to me. It was exactly what I needed to get back on track.

One thing I’ve learned while being on this journey is that there are no coincidences. Everything that happens is by design. God knows the kind of emotions and feelings this journey can bring and He, being the Good Father that He is, sends us Sweet Reminders of what He has promised. So when you listen to that sermon, hear that song or see that thing that reminds you of His promise; just know that it’s God telling you that He hasn’t forgotten. It’s His loving and unique way of showing you that He is working everything out for your good.

If you’re feeling down today and wondering if God really is going to keep His promise, let this serve as your Sweet Reminder: God’s promises are everlasting. They don’t expire and He doesn’t take them back. Your word, Lord , is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens. Psalm 119:89 NIV

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