Trust The Process, Trust GOD!


This journey of trying to have a baby while mentally, physically and emotionally dealing with infertility is a difficult one. In all honesty it is one of the most difficult things you will probably ever have to go through. Getting your period month after month while hoping and praying for the opposite, that’s hard. Taking multiple fertility treatments with absolutely no results, that’s harder. Going through a miscarriage… Knowing your precious baby was in your stomach but then he/she was gone one day, that’s a level of hard that can’t even be explained. To simply put it, this journey is hard to the 1,000th degree and it’s emotionally taxing.

Although everything I stated above is absolutely 100% true I need you to TRUST GOD! Trusting God is what will get you through this journey. Trust the process that God has you going through. No matter how confusing, painful, and downright ridiculous the process seems, stay focused and continue to trust God. God has you going through this process for a specific reason so trust that He will bring you THROUGH the process. Don’t be like Sarah (Abraham’s wife and Isaac’s mother) in Genesis and doubt God. That can be detrimental to you and your future baby. Instead trust what God has said to you. Trust what he has promised you. Trust His Word. Psalm 113:9 says “He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother, Praise the Lord!”. Feast and meditate on that verse as much as you have to. Whenever you feel yourself starting to doubt this whole journey go back to that verse and remind yourself. Remember God’s promise to you. God doesn’t lie or change His mind so trust that what He said WILL come to pass!

God loves each and every one of you ladies reading this. He has GREAT plans for you, your journey to motherhood and your future child(ren). Don’t give up on the promise. Instead, trust the process and trust God!

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