... But What Did God Say Though...


In this journey it's easy to discount or disregard what God says when His promise doesn't manifest right away. 

We have a vision/idea in our minds of when/how we're supposed to get pregnant and expand our families; so when things don't go like we think they should we panic and begin to doubt. 

The doubt is usually subtle at first. We may not actually SAY we doubt well actually have kids but when other people bring the topic up we think it. 

But as time goes on we begin to actually speak what we see out of fear. 

For example if someone tells you Happy Mother's Day some of us get in our feelings and say "I'm not a mom"... instead of saying thank you and declaring that one day you WILL be a mom. 

Tips to implement when you're just over it and your faith is M.I.A.

1. BE QUIET. Remember your words have power

2. DON'T STOP PRAYING AND READING YOUR BIBLE. It's easy to get mad at God and refuse to talk to Him but doing this let's the enemy win.


Geri Alicea