PCOS, Incompetent Cervix, 3 Failed Pregnancies... BUT GOD!

  PCOS, Incompetent Cervix, 3 Failed Pregnancies….. BUT GOD!This is the testimony of Latoyia Durant. She was disobedient, angry, and had health complications all while trying to conceive…. But she ultimately realized that God is faithful!Read her story below….. 1 Samuel 1:27-28For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him:Therefore also I have lent him to the LORD; as long as he liveth he shall be lent to the LORD. And he worshipped the LORD there.Before my marriage, I grew up in holiness. I went through the rebellious stage and backslid. That’s how I met my husband who was a “PK” (Preacher’s Kid) and running from Christ. We dated 6 months before we got married. In our sin we tried conceiving during that period, but GOD would not allow it to be so.December 2003, my husband and I married. After we married, we kept on our journey of conception. Thinking to myself, God is taking too long. I tried some herbal pills (FertilAid) that allowed me to conceive in 2005. In December 2005 at 16 weeks pregnant, I had my daughter. It was a shock to us being that this was our first pregnancy, and of course the doctors came, in with sometimes these things happen. I believe God allowed it to be so because of my disobedience and trying to go around him.In January 2006 we conceived again, (right after our 6 week), no pills this time, so I’m like okay this is meant to be. In June 2006, our son was born at 18 weeks. I wanted a son for my husband so bad. I felt as though I let him down. I told him just go be with someone who can give you what I obviously can’t. I pushed him away. The harder I pushed, the more he encouraged and loved on me.  At this time, I’m an emotional wreck. I felt depressed and wanted to just stop living. My husband held me down one night in our hallway, because I felt like such a failure. I released all of the depression that weighed my heart down. All around me, I heard about women who conceiving and some were even having abortions, and I’m like why me God. Why? I was so blinded with jealousy I didn’t even want to hear the voice of God. I even heard from some people close to me questioning, “what’s wrong with her?” This caused me to become angry. At this time I am diagnosed with IC (Incompetent Cervix) I couldn’t hold the baby pass 6 months, due to pressure on my cervix.I became pregnant again in July 2007 and right at 6 months I started feeling pressure and went to the hospital MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina). They tried to give me an emergent cerclage ( a stitch to keep the baby in for a few more months, but upon putting the amniotic sac back in, it burst. I gave birth to my daughter Harmony- Joi on December 18, 2007, our miracle baby. She weighed l lb 6 ozs. She could literally fit in our pockets. We saw her develop outside of the womb. Her ears were position by her neck upon birth and we saw God’s handy work as they formed in position. It was touch and go they gave her up twice to die, but we trusted in God, and she lived she’s now 8 ½ years old with minor delays, but we are trusting God for a complete healing.After Harmony’s birth we decided to see a specialist. I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome). This actually blocks my eggs from releasing during my menstrual cycle aside from the Incompetent Cervix. So not only was it difficult for me to become pregnant, it was difficult to stay pregnant. I was prescribed some Clomid (fertility pills) for future pregnancies. I was obsessed with having more babies. In August 2009 we decided to expand our family again and in December 2009 we had another girl at 16 weeks.  The specialist I was seeing stated that I would never be able to carry to term, and I should just stop trying altogether. We stopped trying after that. I really just gave it over to God. I said let your will be done. I surrendered totally to him. I got my life back on track with GOD, instead of trying to lead him, I allowed him to lead me.While waiting on God my focus changed, and out of nowhere, in the 4 years of surrendering to God, he blessed me with a son (Ryland-Chase), my full term miracle Janurary 2013. I had some help along with a cerclage and 17p (progesterone shots). I was satisfied with my two miracle babies, but God was not done. I got the shock of my life in April 2015 and found out I was pregnant again. He blessed me with my last miracle baby Trinity-Grace Alyse in December of 2015 (full term). We decided that 6 pregnancies was enough for us, 3 living and 3 angel babies. WOW!!! I just love this testimony!!!!!!! God is such a faithful God. If you are believing God for a baby I encourage you to NOT give up! God does ALL things well and He is faithful. Keep trusting Him and watch Him work everything out for your good!

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