#TestimonyTuesday - Caroline Chaney's Story


Good Morning, Loves!It's #TestimonyTuesday and today I want to highlight and celebrate Caroline Chaney! She went from being told she only had a 10% chance of conceiving to birthing 2 babies naturally! Read her full testimony below.• • • • •I was 21 years old when my doctor told me that I had cyst on my ovaries that would prevent me from conceiving a child. It didn't bother me at the time because I was young and living "my best" life. A child would not have fit into the lifestyle I was living so I had no worries. At 23 I was in a new city seeing a new doctor and was advised once more that conceiving a child would not happen for me. I was dating someone at the time who already had a child, I let him know what was told to me and asked how he felt if I would never be able to give him a child. He wasn't ready yet for another child and said in the future we could discuss our options. Fast forward a few months later and a BOMB was dropped on me. He cheated and was expecting a child with someone else, to make matters worse he was preparing to marry her before the arrival of their child. I was devastated and I blamed myself for not being able to give him a baby. It was then I knew that motherhood was something I longed for, and me acting like the diagnosis didn't matter was really a defense mechanism.I went to see a fertility specialist who informed me that I had a 10% chance of conceiving a baby without any help. I was offered a series of hormone shots, pills and treatments to see if they would work; but wait I had no money and most importantly NO MAN. I then said to God "If this is your will, then it shall be done." I released it and decided that I would no longer stress about it.I met my current boyfriend at age 24, and I was honest from the beginning about not being able to have kids. I explained what the doctors told me and how I wanted kids but I would be okay if it did not happen. He was okay with this as he had two kids already and was not sure if he wanted more. He & I dated for over a year before I found out I was pregnant. It couldn’t be real. I was shocked and it took 7 pregnancy test before I realized that this was real. No medicine, no treatments, all I needed was patience and God. I immediately jumped for joy and I asked God to look over my baby & I. July of 2017 I gave birth to my first blessing. I thanked God for him every day and I was so grateful for what was given to me. God wasn’t finished just yet and I always say he had something to prove to the doctors that told me conceiving a child wouldn’t happen, because in June of 2108 I was pregnant again ( naturally) with my second. Though there were plenty of hospital stays, and words like she might not make it thrown out there we were covered and my second blessing was born in January of 2019.I never thought I’d be a mom let alone to two children. I gave up and said it just wouldn’t be. I knew that I wanted a child or children so instead of just giving up, I let go and I gave it to God. He handled it and he handled it so well. I never like telling my story because I feel like it’s bragging but I just want other women who are longing for the same things I was longing for to not give up, and just give it to God. Your time will come when you least expect it.

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