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By His Stripes...

It was in those moments leading up to the HSG test that I had to declare "by His stripes I am healed". Even though I didn't yet know what the outcome would be I still had to make this declaration and actually believe it. I honestly don't think I could have gone through the physical pain of that procedure without believing I was healed regardless of the outcome.

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What If We Looked At Infertility TOTALLY Different!?

WHAT IF... we changed our perspective about our Journey to Motherhood? WHAT IF... we saw this thing the way God sees it? Then how differently our faith, hope, emotions and our very lives would be.  

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31 Bible Verses To Help You Along Your Journey To Motherhood

I've come to learn that God's Word is the best source of encouragement and hope in those low, dark moments. So I have compiled 31 bible verses for you all. I pray that they will encourage you, renew your hope, and revive your faith on this journey.

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