Know Your Triggers and Proceed Accordingly


Good Morning Loves!

A couple weeks ago I tried to watch The Handmaiden's Tale but couldn't get past the first episode. I had heard great things about this show and was super excited to see what it was about. But I had to stop watching in the middle of the first episode because of the scene where the teacher basically said that infertility was God's punishment for a corrupt world (paraphrasing). Watching that scene brought about some emotional triggers (all bad) and taught me that although that show is purely for entertainment purposes, with this season I'm in.... I just can't do it.

• •

I say all that to say.... KNOW YOUR TRIGGERS, AND PROCEED ACCORDINGLY. On this journey to Motherhood, triggers are going to come... And that's ok. It's how you deal with them that matters. If you know certain people, places or thing trigger negative emotions - stay away from them. If that's not entirely possible, then come up with a strategy to deal with them effectively!

Geri Alicea