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By His Stripes...

It was in those moments leading up to the HSG test that I had to declare "by His stripes I am healed". Even though I didn't yet know what the outcome would be I still had to make this declaration and actually believe it. I honestly don't think I could have gone through the physical pain of that procedure without believing I was healed regardless of the outcome.

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5 Things You Should NOT Say To A Person Struggling With Infertility! - NIAW #flipthescript

This week is National Infertility Awareness week and today I'm going to tell you 5 things that should never be said to a person dealing with infertility.....

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PLEASE, Just Listen...

Most people are silent about their journey to fertility and the struggles they go through. So, if by chance, someone comes to you and wants to talk about this issue, PLEASE JUST LISTEN! As a friend or family member of someone on this journey, we know that you may feel obligated to give advice and "fix" things, but please don't.

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